The 4 Types of Content You Need

The 4 Types of Content You Need

The 4 Types of Content You Need

If you want people to come to your website and convert to customers, you have to attract them with something. Content is a key component in this, which can be anything from an e-book, blog, or how to video. To be successful and give real value you need has to be goal-driven. So that your website is actually achieving the desired results and not just pumping out content for the sake of it. There are four key types of content you need…

1.Content to entertain

Being helpful and informative is great it also misses the opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Funny or entertaining information is more frequently shared. This can change the concept of a “company” into a “group of people just like me”.

2.Content to educate

Types of Content to entertain appeals to a reader’s emotions, while content to educate appeals to their rationality. Though they have the same aim, to engage the reader, the educational content shows the reader and potential users why your product or website is worth using.

3.Content to inspire

When done correctly readers cannot help but share inspirational posts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be quotes or pictures. In fact, the customer testimonials and stories of success and failure get much higher engagement rates.

4.Content to convert

Signing up for a newsletter, taking a free e-course or buying a product are all ways of converting your reader to take some sort of action. This covers a large amount of content from viral videos, customer reviews, product guides to T&C’s. The image at the top of this page is the Content Matrix which gives a fuller view of what content to convert is made up of.

The folks over at Buffer have written a great article on this and go into more detail and have a guide of what content is best and how to use it. For a more comprehensive breakdown of each content type and how to use them, click on the link below.

Source: The 6 Types of Content Will Boost Your Traffic and Engagement

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