Pledge Marketing - Overview of Services
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Meet Peter Pledge

This is Peter. Peter needs to get more qualified leads for his business. He has tried advertising on search engines and social media but he just doesn’t get the conversions to see a good ROI.

Peter decided to take the inbound way!

Remarkable Content

Peter now uses a specialist inbound agency like Pledge that writes remarkable content to capture prospects attention. Pledge then shares his blogs and videos on social media and they makes sure his website’s SEO is top notch so prospects can easily find his information when they search online.


A Great Hook

Peter also makes sure he has a great hook on his website so that his prospects can show that they are interested.

Automated Email Marketing

After he has collected some information from the prospects, the agency nurtures them with a relevant email campaign giving them the opportunity to purchase his products.

Peter now gets less traffic to his site, but more qualified leads, so his ROI is higher!


Peter is smart.

Peter uses Inbound.

Be like Peter.

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