Greg Le Bonsai's Top 10 Tips for Successful Sales

Top 10 Tips for Successful Sales

Sales can often be a taboo subject, and some people are scared of even labelling themselves as a sales person. At Pledge, we believe we are all sales people, but some are called to DO sales.

Our Sales Director, takes us through his top 10 tips for successful sales.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Sales

1. Understand your market! Having a clear understanding of your market is essential to success. You need to have a full analysis of your opportunities and plan your attack.

2. Understanding your customer! Along with your market understanding, you need to know your customers market or service inside and out! This is where consultative selling comes into play (see number 7).

3. Competitor understanding. You need to know what your competition are offering, you need to understand how you can differentiate yourselves from them to make your proposition more attractive to the customer.

4. Challenge your customer! (I don’t mean argue with them!). Look at what they are currently doing and offer insight into changes that could be made to support their business that will then also strengthen your offering to them. 

5. Relationship selling is dead! That’s right you heard me! The best mate approach does not work long term! 

People do buy from people but the dynamics have changed! People buy from people who bring value to them and their business. Build partnerships based on what you can bring to them and you will retain the business you worked so hard to get in the first place! (Check out the challenger sales book, it will change the way you look at your sales processes forever!).

6. INNOVATION! That doesn’t just mean some amazing piece of tech! It can sometimes mean thinking of new ways to support your customer to grow their business! (And organically yours) New processes, new efficient ways of working! 

7. Consultative approach! Show real interest in your customers business to help them understand that you want to work in partnership with them. Always remember the better they do the better you do! Sales generally come in processes, don’t be too pushy to get everything at once, you can show the customer your value and the rest will come.

8. Chameleon! They are tons of great books looking at personality types and body language etc. I suggest you buy some! You need to gauge your customer’s personality type to adapt your approach accordingly! For example, If you are in front of a very direct type personality the last thing you should be doing is going into lots of detail! 

9. Have a strategy! Look at all the things listed above to map out your approach, look at the customer type, the market, their market and have a clear plan in place to build your business.

10. Communication! This is vital to your success. You need to make sure you are constantly communicating and showing interest in your customers business. You need to carry out reviews with your customer on a regular basis to quantify what you do for them! That way the next time your competition knocks the door and asks “what does your current supplier provide” the answer will be EVERYTHING! And the door will hit them on the way out!!

At Pledge Marketing, we offer bespoke sales training and tips for successful sales. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

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