Pledge Creative Manifesto - How to Avoid Creative Block

Pledge Creative Manifesto – How to Avoid Creative Block

Creative Manifesto – Avoid Creative Block

I don’t care who you are, being creative is not just something that happens. I totally believe that there are some people who are naturally more creative than others, but whether or not there is science to prove this, I believe that it is the case because they have been nurtured to unlock that side of their brains. Others I believe have been able to train themselves to release the creative side of their brain, while others have just not been able to do that yet. Whatever your belief on the matter, at pledge, we want to ensure that we encourage our staff to stay creative and avoid creative block by having a creative environment at HQ, but also encourage creative thinking by following a few simple guidelines that we have set out in our Manifesto.

These are not rules, or part of a contract of employment, they are simply just guidelines that we encourage our staff to think about in their daily lives to help avoid creative block.

We will follow up over the next few weeks with blogs, giving you deeper insight into the meanings of each point on the manifesto.

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  1. The Hippy Christian Mum 3rd October 2016 at 8:54 am - Reply

    This is great. I love number 5 especially! Keep encouraging your staff in this way and you will see inspired ideas flowing forth within your team. 🙂

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