28 of the Best Marketing Campaigns 2016 (& Experiments)

28 of the Best Marketing Campaigns 2016

28 of the Best Marketing Campaigns 2016

Here at Pledge Marketing, we love all things marketing, but as everyone, is we are busy people it can be easy to miss out on the inspiration of others. With so many goals to achieve and only a few hours in the day to achieve them. It is easy to put our head down and get on with the work. So here is a list of 28 of the best marketing campaigns 2016.

Buffer have pulled together a list of some amazing campaigns and innovations to inspire and help us to dream.

1. Personal Marketing, After a High Profile Layoff

After being laid off from his high profile job, it would have been natural for Sree Sreenivasan to want to keep it quiet from social media. But Sreenivasan, who was the former chief digital officer at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, decided to share the news far and wide, linking to a form inviting friends to give advice. His status ended up with hundreds of likes, comments, and shares.

2. The Newsroom as a Marketing Office

Mattermark collects and organises information on growing companies. Danielle Morrill the CEO decided to set up a small independent newsroom and made themselves an authority on the topics.

3. The Trend Caller

Every year Mary Meeker’s analysis of digital trends for Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is eagerly anticipated. The information and trends shared in the report include such gems as what motivates Millennials and why video marketing is so powerful.

4. The Foolproof Formula

Marketers love to have formulas in the bank and we love it even more when somebody gives us one of their secrets. Bamidele Onibalusi does just that, with his article on writing content that gets more than 100,000 views – every time.

5. Bringing More Fun to Newsletters

Your inbox is probably overflowing with emails already, which is why when somebody sends a newsletter which makes you happy you love it. Susan Su manages this by keeping the content quick to read and to the point while also including a fun GIF alongside it.

6. Forgetting Forms

Gated content, where you have to give up your email address or some other piece of information has become the norm in the last few years. David Gerhardt and David Cancel of At Drift have decided to remove all of the forms from their website, giving away all of the content for free.

7. Startup Lessons Over Snapchat

Instead of emojis and rainbow filters, Mark Suster uses Snapchat to give what he calls “Snapstorms”, mini-lectures about the challenges that startups face.

8. The Surprise Mixtape

After having joked about it online Hamburger Helper produced a mixtape called Watch the Stove which took the internet by storm.

9. The Videos Taking Over Facebook

Quick videos showing off incredible looking food, which is over in 30 seconds to a minute from start to finish. Normally from Tasty which is a project from Buzzfeed, they have amassed over 62 million fans.

10. The Automation Experiment

In marketing, we normally tell people to always be testing how their content is doing. However, Tami Brehse decided to test this and automated all of her Twitter posts for a month and the results she saw were a game changer.

11. DIY Marketing

Annie Cushing is an SEO guru, she has spent years educating people about SEO and is now offering resources that can turn any marketer into an SEO wizard.

12. The Authenticity Revolution

Mack Fogelson’s company formerly Mack Web decided that their rebrand had to be more than that. It was a chance to link their company values into their service and are now known as Genuinely.

13. Virtual Reality To Connect Audiences

When the New York Times gave out more than 1 million VR viewers, Jenna Pirog the VR editor has been in charge of innovating storytelling’s newest platform.

14. Arts and Crafts on Snapchat

Soul Pancake is turning Snapchat into a hub of creativity and community. By creating snaps including doodle self-portraits and giving the space to the community so they can share them as well.

15. The Newsletter That Loves You

Anand Sanwal the CEO of CB Insights was interested in if people we really paying attention to the emails he was sending. So he added conversational elements to them in his daily email, including signing them off with “I love you”. The result of this is that he now has 200,000 subscribers.

16. The Political Myth Buster

Rhea Drysdale is the CEO of Outspoken Media and has set out to debunk political rumors and has been even correcting news outlets.

17. The Real-Time Case Study

Grow & Convert are racing to try and clock 40,000 unique monthly visitors to their website and they are doing it all in public.

18. Simplifying Remarketing

If you don’t get your remarketing efforts right then your audience will find it annoying; Elizabeth Marsten in her presentation Make Your Remarketing More Than An Echo gives a strategy to hit all the notes you need to.

19. Inside Views With Facebook Live

Facebook Live has amazing potential and Christine Dwyer uses it to take viewers into her classes and engage with them.

20. Email + Video = Success

Videos work across every platform if you target them correctly and optimise to convert the right customers.

21. A Heatmap for Google Analytics

SEER Interactive have created a custom Google Sheet which allows you to build a heat map of metrics and identify growing or hot trends over time.

22. Using Social With Personality

Helena Langdon of Innocent Drinks keeps the followers of the drinks firm engaged by constantly innovating and using personality through social media.

23. A Tumblr of Internet Ephemera

Curated by Juan Buis this page pulls together the weird and wonderful from around the web.

24. She Knows What We Want To See

Pam Grossman is the Director of Visual Trends at Getty’s and she knows what stock images are going to be popular next year.

25. Keeping It Weird on Facebook

As audiences become more and more stimulated the question of how to keep them engaged in reading the news is being answered by Sarah Burton of Buzzfeed.

26. Don’t Skip the Ads on This Podcast

The podcast Another Round covers a wide variety of areas and they put thought and info into each area of the podcast including the adverts.

27. Letting the Community Call The Shots

Every Thursday Benefit Cosmetics releases “Tipsy Tricks” so viewers can answer questions, make requests and generally take the lead in how the video will be.

28. Curation with Care

Ashley Hockney curates a weekly “Make Change” newsletter to share information and build authority and trust.

For a more detail view of each of these points click on the link below and head over to the Buffer blog 28 of the best marketing campaigns 2016.

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